Sunday, 18 November 2007

Groudsurf Bluetooth enabled skateboard

The Groundsurf is a three wheeled skate board designed by Paris based company Ratleads and has the unique feature of Bluetooth remote control.

It has an electric motor driving the front wheel, a 3 dimensional cinematic rear truck, sensors as detection systems, sensor pads on the board as motor remote control (you lean forward to accelerate and backwards to slow down or brake).

Now for the really unique feature, the motor control system can optionally be remote controlled from a Bluetooth enabled touchscreen phone. Sliding your finger up the phones screen will make the board go faster and sliding your finger down the phones screen will make the board slow down. I'm sure glad they didn't control the steering this way!

The groundsurf is scheduled for launch by a famous Californian surf brand in 2008.

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Skateboards said...

Well its an inventive way to ease the paddling of the skateboardist, by controlling it by the use of a bluetooth you can just enjoy the view