Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ultra small Bluetooth USB adapter

Trust have announced that they have the worlds smallest Bluetooth 2.0 USB adapter on the way.

Trust state that their Bluetooth USB adapter will only protrude 7mm from a notebook when inserted. The great advantage here is that you will never need to remove the adapter. Just plug it in once, forget about it and give instant access to your Bluetooth mouse or create a wireless connection between your notebook/PC and Bluetooth devices.

No release date is stated on Trust's website, they just say "coming soon".

Trust website


Anonymous said...

I have this adapter and I think it is lame that it is pointy on the left and right side. The whole idea of the adapter is that it doesn't stick out much, but then it hangs up on your laptop bag when you put it in and out because the sharp points behave like hooks. If they had made it rounded on the edges, then it would not hang up on the laptop bag, even if it stuck out further.

DJ said...

Thanks for your comment - certainly something for other people to consider before they purchase the Trust adapter.