Friday, 11 January 2008

Bluetooth Power Classes

A question that I frequently hear people asking when it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth product is "do I need Bluetooth Class 1 or Class 2?". In this this post I will describe the different Bluetooth power classes and what class you should select when you next purchase a Bluetooth product.

For a start, I should make it clear that Bluetooth class 1, class 2 and class 3 all refer to Bluetooth power classes, not to be confused with Bluetooth device classes.

The following table compares the available Bluetooth power classes:

ClassMaximum PowerOperating Range
Class 1100mW (20dBm)100 meters
Class 22.5mW (4dBm)10 meters
Class 31mW (0dBm)1 meter

The actual range for each power class may vary depending upon environmental factors where the Bluetooth device is used. Class 3 devices have a very limited range and not very common, hence, they will be ignored for the rest of this discussion

So which power class should you choose for your new Bluetooth product? The two most important question that should be asked here are: "over what distance do I need my Bluetooth devices to operate?" and "what is the power class of the other Bluetooth device I want to communicate with?" Here are the two important pieces of information that you need to understand:
  • If you wish to communicate over the 100m range, you will need a class 1 Bluetooth device at both ends.
  • If you wish to communicate over the 10m range, you can have a class 1 or class 2 device at both ends.
Many people make the mistake of believing that they can extend the range of their class 2 device to 100m by purchasing a class 1 device for the other end. This is simply not true. Consider two people standing 100m apart, if person A yells loud enough for their voice to travel over 100m, person B will be able to hear what person A is saying, but if when person B replies they only yell loud enough for their voice to travel over 10m, person A will obviously not hear the response.

Hopefully this post has cleared up any confusion regarding Bluetooth power classes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info... But wondering, how do you tell if the bluetooth device is class 1 or not, even if it says it's class 1?

DJ said...

I think you will just have to trust the manufacturers info. You can double check by looking at the power rating - 100mW or 20dBm for class 1. Hope that helps.

roni said...

contrary to what was said here i read somewhere else that all you need is a class 1 in one end in order to communicate 100m apart. i am not suer if that is true or not, but in my mind that was analogous to "if person A yells loud enough for their voice to travel over 100m, person B will be able to hear what person A is saying" and "when person B replies they only yell loud enough for their voice to travel over 10m" however person A also possesses the ability to also hear from 100m away (class 1) and will obviously hear the response.

so the question is, does a class 1 device able to transmit from 100m but not able to receive from 100m away? this requires further research but it makes sense to me that a class 1 device with a better antenna would be able to pick up transmissions from 100m away as well

Anonymous said...

Roni, you are not making sense. Of course a class 1 device can receive transmissions sent 100m away, but ONLY if they're from a device that is capable of transmitting that far, i.e. another class 1 device. The class isn't about how sensitive your receiver is (though it does come into account) but about how much power you transmit at. Skip the concern about whether you understood the analogy right and just trust that no device is going to receive a transmission from any class 2 or 3 device that is 100m away.

Anyway who cares - who is really ever more than 30 feet (10m) away from their BT device? Almost all BT devices are class 2 because 30 feet is a pretty good range. Sure there are use cases for needing to be much further away, but it's not a common use case. (If you need that, get yourself class 1 devices. :) )

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if I could find a class 1 bluetooth gps. Anybody know where I can get one?

Anonymous said...

I just posted about pairing Class 3 and Class 2 devices. I meant to say Class 1 and Class 2 devices.

Tiago Silva said...

It is possible, check the transceiver device sensibility, because, the transmitting power is different from the receiving sensibility, however, class 1 devices can deliver a lot more power than class 2 devices, they also "ear" a lot better than class 2 devices :) but this alone is not enough, you will need to add some more gain to the sensibility, that’s because that usb class 1 devices are not allowed to have very powerful buit-in antennas as they emit harmful radiation, but for experiments, open your Bluetooth adaptor, cut/scrub the PCB antenna off and solder an external antenna connector to the remaining PCB antenna path, then connect an antenna that fits your needs, since Bluetooth works in the same frequency range that Wi-Fi does, so, just get an Wi-Fi antenna! The more DBi's the antenna has the more sensible it will be and the more power it can radiate! You can get lots of posts around the internet about Bluetooth hacking with range extender antennas (just try an Interline 14DBi Patch or a Stella Doradus Dish set, don't go above the 20DBi antennas, they require lots of power and the Bluetooth class 1 devices can't handle, well, that much). Have fun delivering Bluetooth messages over 1Km or more loll ;)

william said...

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Vivek Metange said...

thanks for providing such an useful information....!
-Vivek Metange

allan said...

thanks for the info but can i receive stuff from a class one device if my phone is only class two?

just_t_n said...

why don't you think about "GSM analogy"? The BTS tower antenna could broadcast till 5 Kilometers radius (with high power gain that's not safe if placed in mobile phone's). So the mobile phone use lower & safer power gain.

Imagine if our mobile phone should also transmit 5 Kilometers of power gain to reach the BTS tower. The battery will drain faster, the electromagnetic radiation will dangerous, but the advantage is : the BTS will have smaller antenna ^_^

just_t_n said...

I think bluetooth class 2 can communicate with bluetooth class 1 @100 meter range (range of bluetooth class 1). It's about transmission, and I've learn it at antenna's lesson :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a commercially available battery-operated class 1 Bluetooth SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) GPS? The only one that I know about is the SXBlue and it's much heavier than what I need. The others that were in production when this post was created are no longer produced AFAIK.

Anonymous said...

Law of Reciprocity for antennas: If you can send a signal from antenna A to antenna B a distance "x", then you can also send a signal from antenna B to antenna A the same distance. The yelling analogy isn't realistic. However, you are correct that the range isn't 100m if one device is class 1 and one is class 2. Antenna's can't "yell" or "listen" specific distances, it is dependent on the power of the antenna it is trying to listen to or hte sensitivity of the antenna it is yelling at.

marc lester said...

where can i get an installer?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous re: GPS Class 1 Bluetooth.

Try Topcon Hiper SR. This is an SBAS and RTK enabled GPS with bluetooth that works over 300m (called 'Longlink'). It weighs only 0.85kg and is conpletely self contained.


guys need ur help
i am working on setup box and i have to develop Bluetooth for remote access(like setup box remote) through our mobile phone.
please guys suggest me better Bluetooth module

Mike Davis said...

The Motorola Whisper is a class 1 Bluetooth. They advertise it will give a 300' distance with almost any device. THIS IS A LIE. It only goes 30' with my Iphone5. I am wanting to know if it will get 300' distance with the iphone6?

Anonymous said...

I checked 12 different phone specs. Not a single 1 of them said anything about class 1,2,3.

What is the Samsung S3????

Red3_phoenix said...

The Samsung S4 is a power class 1. I use the Moto stream at 100-150 feet consistently.

Anonymous said...

So the fact that I can pair a class two device in a class one field at 50m that works just fine ..... ? (and yes it is a class 2 in a class on field before you say its not...

Anonymous said...

So the fact that I can pair a class two device in a class one field at 50m that works just fine ..... ? (and yes it is a class 2 in a class 1 field before you say its not...).....sorry just corrected the English.....


Anonymous said...

All class 2 devices *can and do* transmit to a distance of 100m. The issue is whether or not the receiving antenna is capable of picking up the weaker signal from the class 2 device at that distance. A good quality receiver will pick up a signal at a greater distance.

The strength of the signal at the receiver is governed by the inverse square law.

So while a class 1 on one end of a gap may not be able to communicate with a class 2 device at a full class 1 distance, it may be able to pick the signal up better than a class 2, and therefore extend the range *somewhat*. How much really depends on how good of a receiver it has.

Azeem Shera said...

I just want to know that is it possible that class 1 or class 2 are using as a sender and class 3 as a receiver both class are within the range under 10M or less.

Antron Argaiv said...

If you want reliable 100m communication, you need Class 1 at both ends. The receiver is the same for all classes, the class refers to the transmitter output power only.

Your mileage may vary, based on any number of environmental factors, like:
- stuff in between the two devices
- whether that stuff absorbs, reflects or passes RF at 2.4GHz
- antenna orientation, relative to the other device, and to the ground
- objects near the antenna of either device

You can debate all you want about whether or not your setup will work, but the parts are cheap enough, so testing is the only reliable way to know.

Prathik Jain said...

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pez said...

Communication between devices transmit and receive, theoretically the signal works in a radius from the devices. Device A has a signal radius of 100m and B has 10m. Your connection cannot be further than the greatest signal between devices to communicate...

web said...

Any heath issues?

Raul said...

for people who are wondering why users want 100 m. reach: I think a lot of them are assuming that it will keep the connection working when the distance is much shorter but walls, floors etc. are a problem.
Which might not be the case.
I wonder if a clear line of sight (more or less) is essential......

Anonymous said...

Class 2 and class 1 should able to communicate without a hitch as it is range the other are within that range. What is the power consumption? Cost factor or Technological hindrance for the majority are not using class 1?

Anonymous said...

Most of the people don’t even realize the need of Bluetooth Headset until they use one. The wired hands-free device is offered for free with mobiles and that is the reason why most of the people end up using it instead of buying new hi-tech device. The need and application of Bluetooth Headset it felt only after using this device as it not just offers convenience of use but is also useful because of the clarity of sound that it offers.

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Mazal said...

If I am using a Class 1 Bluetooth transmitter to transmit TV audio to my headphones, I assume that it does not matter what Class my headphones are ?

Uche Ojadi said...

Hi all,

I am quite naive about these range factors but logically reasoning, a receiver will only receive signals that get to its antenna. So a class 2 powered device within a 100m range will receive a transmission from a class 1 powered device. But will the Class 1 powered device receive a signal from same class 2 powered devise within its 100m circle but 90m away if the signal cannot reach the class 1 powered device?
Food for thought!!! Could someone advise if there are other factors affecting reception from the class 2 powered devise 90m away that will make it possible for the class 1 powered device to receive the signals?

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