Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Welcome! This post serves as an introduction to all of my "Insight" blogs on blogspot.

I am a technology junkie who lives in the UK and have spent the past ten years of my life working as a software/electronics engineer. Recently my employment has required that I should keep up to date with the very latest mobile technology. Without going into the exact details of what I am working on, I will say that it involves quite a bit of Bluetooth and USB development.

I decided that an online blog to would be a good way to keep up to date with mobile/Bluetooth/USB technology and remember any interesting news that I have discovered. I started out with the intention of running just one online blog through blogspot but that soon changed into three blogs when I realised that I couldn't categorise the content of my blogs. The three blogs that I am running are Mobile Insight, Bluetooth Insight and USB Insight.

I intend to write about each topic at least once a week. If I get time, I will probably write more.

I hope you find something of interest!

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