Monday, 29 October 2007

Bluapunkt TravelPilot Lucca 5.3

Bluapunkt have announced the TravelPilot Lucca 5.3, a portable GPS navigation system with ultra-fast route calculation and slim design.

The TravelPilot Lucca 5.3 is the next generation of portable satellite navigation device from Bluapunkt. It features a very slim design, clear 4.3 inch display, colour coded menus, ultra fast route calculation and a range of driver assisted functions. Bluetooth connectivity is included to provide hands-free mobile phone operation.

Destinations can be found using a full seven digit postcode search, street name or if the user prefers, they can enter the destination address via voice control. A "text to speech" feature is included that allows the Lucca to include the actual road name in the spoken instruction. For example, instead of saying "turn next left", it will say "turn next left onto Westway". This helps to eliminate one of the common problems with traditional navigations systems where the "turn next left" or "turn next right" instructions often end up leading the driver down a street that is not known by the navigation system.

Blaupunkt have integrated navigation data for 40 countries in Europe into the system, eliminating the need to download this information to the unit.

A wide range of multimedia and entertainment functions are also included with the TravelPilot Lucca 5.3 including the playback of MP3/WMA music files, digital photo and WMV video file support from an SD or MMC card. An optional Active Cradle is also available which provides connectivity for iPods, DVD players, TV tuners, gaming consoles etc.

The Bluetooth connection also enables playback of MP3 files from the phone via audio streaming.

Blaupunkt's suggested retail price is £349.99.

Blaupunkt UK website

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