Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Targus Bluetooth Thumbpad for Smartphones, PDAs & Pocket PCs

The Targus Bluetooth Thumpad provides a standard 39 QWERTY interface for simple data entry into SmartPhones, PDAs and Pocket PCs. Featuring Bluetooth wireless technology, this thumpad provides a convenient, portable and cable free method of adding keyboard support to your mobile device.

Installing the software requires connecting your mobile device to your computer and installing the software from a supplied CD-ROM. The next step is to reset your mobile device, establish a connection with the Targus Bluetooth Thumbpad and setup driver settings such as key repeat delays.

After the software has been setup, you can simply lay your mobile device down on a table or cradle and start typing. Alternatively, the Targus Thumpad can be attached to the bottom of your device with a provided clamp.

For gaming enthusiasts, a 4-way game control pad with easy to use keys and a backlit keypad for night use is provided.

System Requirements:
- Bluetooth
- SmartPhone or PDA with Windows Mobile (2003/2005), Pocket PC or SmartPhone with Symbian OS or Palm OS5

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