Friday, 22 February 2008

Holux M1200 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The Holux M-1200 Wireless GPS Receiver uses Bluetooth technology to provide a cable-free connection with compatible devices running map software such as TomTom.

Featuring the MTK MT3318 Low power consumption GPS chipset and weighing only 30 grams, the M-1200 is a highly portable device making it well suited to a wide range of applications. With dimensions of 67 x 23 x 16mm, it will easily fit inside a pocket or bag. The built in battery is Lithium-ion with a working time of up to 23 hours.

32 parallel satellite-tracking channels are supported for fast acquisition and reacquisition. The built in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator doesn't require any additional hardware. Or the high-sensitive software can be used to get fast acquisition and re-acquisition in urban, canyon and foliage environments.

The Holux M1200 Wireless Bluetooth GPS Receiver is compatible with devices that support the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP). This could include laptops, PCs, PDAs or mobile phones. Applications could include Personal navigation, mapping device applications, car navigation, marine navigation, fleet management, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and Tracking Systems.

- Tracks up to 32 satellites
- Dimensions: 67 x 23 x 16mm
- Weight: 30g
- Battery: Built in Lithium-ion with up 23 hours
- Non DGPS Position: 3.0 m CEP without SA, Velocity - 0.1m. / sec2, Time - 0.1 microsecond sync GPS time
- DGPS Position: < 2.2m, horizontal 95 % of time < 5 m, vertical 95 % of time
- Acquisition Time: Reacquisition < 0.1 sec. Average, Hot start 1 sec, Warm start 33 sec, Cold start 36 sec
- Bluetooth: Version 1.2, Class 2 providing up to 10m operating distance
- Dynamic Conditions: Altitude Max 18,000 m (60,000 feet), Velocity Max 515 m/sec (1000 knots), Acceleration : 4G Max, Jerk : 20 m/ second3 max
- 3 LED Functions: Bluetooth, navigation update and battery/charger status indication

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