Monday, 7 January 2008

Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard

Logitech have just announced the diNovo Mini - a compact palm-sized wireless keyboard for people who have their PC connected to their TV. The diNovo Mini will allow the user to easily access music, videos and other media content from anywhere in the living room.

The mini keyboard features Bluetooth 2.0, backlighting for ease of navigation and an innovative ClickPad with touch pad to point, scroll and click or as a bi-directional pad to navigate menus and make selections.

The keyboard also features hotkeys for media players and Web browsers and page up and down buttons that may be used for surfing the web or zooming in and out of documents.

The ClickPad features two backlight modes. When in touch-pad mode, the ClickPad is backlighted in orange and when in media-remote mode, the ClickPads directional buttons are backlighted in green. The keyboard is always backlighted in orange.

The diNovo Mini is expected to be released to the Eurpose and US markes late in January 2008 for US149.99.

  • System Requirements - PC with Windows XP or Vista and a spare USB port
  • Keyboard - 63 backlighted keys, thumb operated design
  • Range - up to 10m
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth 2.0
  • Power and Battery - 30 days, 4 hours for full charge
  • Other features - Compatible with PLAYSTATION 3
Logitech website


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