Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Headphones

Motorola have this month announced the S9-HD Bluetooth Headphones, an upgraded version of the award-winning MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth stereo headphones.

The Motorola S9-HD Headphones feature earbuds that reduce background noise and high-definition audio from SRS WOW HD technology. SRS WOW HD technology enhances audio performance, especially from compressed audio files, by expanding the size of the perceived sound image and creating a deep, rich bass response.

All of the features that made the MOTOROKR S9 headphones so popular, are included in the upgraded, S9-HD model. They are lighter than the average pair of sunglasses (1 ounce) and feature the unique behind-the-head design for a secure, stable fit. Easy to use controls for volume, play/pause, track selection and send/end are provided near the ear pieces.

Devices that are compatible with the Motorola S9-HD Headphones include any brand of Bluetooth enabled phone or music device that supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). The S9-HD Headphones can also be paired with most iPods using the Motorola D650 Bluetooth stereo adapter (sold separately).

The Motorola S9-HD is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2008.

Follow the link below for information about the existing, MOTOROKR S9 model.
Motorola MOTOROKR S9 Headphones


Anonymous said...

Did they keep the profile of trach change buttons so low that the user can't even feel them? Did they make the track change buttons so sensitive that you don't know if your touching it unless the track changes? Did they wedge the pause button in between these two sensitive buttons but make the pause button so hard to push that you almost always change tracks when pausing or unpausing? Wow, they really did keep all the features.

Anonymous said...

Greetings can I possibly received an email from you guys like when the Motorola S9-HD will be available? My e-mail is K_Gut@yahoo.com thank you.


Anonymous said...

Cool, Can you tell me Where to order? Amazon,Ebay,yopool or any else? Thanks

Anonymous said...

@anon on march 25

"sorry, your fingers are too fat. please mash the keypad now to order a special dialing wand"...

seriously though, wtf.. they're great buttons that I'm able to use even with a tuque on =p

HandsFreeAdvantage said...

I had a pair of these for almost 2 years and found the controls to be excellent relevant to some of the other options out there (Jabra Halo in particular).

My biggest issue is that mine stopped working due to moisture in the contacts. I don't recall wearing them in the rain, so I assume this was moisture from the gym.

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Unknown said...

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